Young people should be given a seat at the table

As a young European and a youth worker, I feel responsible for the future of Europe. I firmly believe that empowering young people with the attitudes, knowledge and skills to take part in decision-making will contribute to the sustainability of our democracies and to fostering a common sense of identity. That is why I joined, to encourage active citizenship and to be part of a community based on shared values and mutual commitment to furthering to European project.

Committed to making a change, especially through youth empowerment, I seek to strengthen the channels of communications between young people and decision-makers. We often use the cliché that the youth are the future, but we should not forget to give them a real chance to make their voices heard, and a seat at the table, in the present. I am really hoping that the Conference on the Future of Europe and the European Year of Youth would be a step in making young people the drivers of a more sustainable, fair and democratic EU. 

Réka, Hungary